Professional Translation Services

The 'English-Georgian Translation Bureau' provides professional translation services for the Georgian, English, Russian and Bulgarian languages. Our Standard Service translation includes English to Georgian, where we are particularly strong with legal, commercial and medical documents. One of our unique strengths is our ability to produce extremely high quality translations for particular language pairs, for example Georgian to English, or Russian to English. This we call our Premium Service, which involves two native speaking team members working together. This is the only way to produce extremely high quality (i.e. Georgian to English) translation as there are virtually no native English speakers of Georgian qualified to degree level. Obviously, there is a premium involved in employing a degree qualified native English, Russian or Bulgarian speaker, but for Georgian clients who wish to project a very high quality and professional image to their international clientele, our Premium Service is invaluable.

Additionally, when translating from English to Georgian, as per our Standard Service, it is always helpful for the native Georgian translator to have a native English member of the team to ask and help with particularly difficult language. Therefore, we trust that our Premium Service and Standard Service translations provide the highest possible quality for our clients. Also, for English-speaking organisations who might be intending to establish a presence in Georgia, we have the capability to provide project management services and/or Internet related services such as Web-sites and localisation. In this case, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Standard Service - Translation

Our Standard Service includes all the language pairs where Georgian or Russian is the target language and the translator is a native speaker of the target language. The English to Georgian pair is the most common, and for English to Russian, our translator is a degree qualified native Russian speaker. Some of our Georgian translators are also essentially native in Russian, having studied at degree level in a Russian-speaking environment, and from a very early age have been listening to and watching Russian media etc., so we can therefore offer very high quality translation between the Russian-Georgian language pairs. Having native English, Russian and Bulgarian speakers at hand when the source text is particularly difficult, helps us to provide, possibly, the highest quality service available. We can also offer reasonable quality Georgian to English translation, for those clients who do not require absolutely perfect English, as per our Premium Service (below).

These are the language pairs for which our Standard Service is available:

  • English to Georgian translation.
  • Georgian to English translation.
  • Georgian to Russian translation.
  • Russian to Georgian translation.
  • English to Russian translation.
  • Bulgarian to Georgian translation.

Georgian Notary Public legally certifiied translations are possible for all the above, except English to Russian and Bulgarian to Georgian.

'Standard Service' price guide: Prices

Proofreading and Premium Service - Translation

As previously mentioned, our Premium Service translations are intended for Georgian organisations such as banks, international companies and government departments who need absolutely perfect English translations, so as to project the best possible impression of themselves to the English-speaking world. Our English/Bulgarian translations will sound absolutely natural in the target language; will be grammatically/semantically correct, culturally appropriate and politically correct. This involves a considerable amount of work on our part and usually requires rewriting the sentence/paragraph structure and sometimes the addition, deletion or expansion of certain phrases. It also involves some in-depth discussion with the source language translator and a certain amount of feedback and double-checking with the originator of the source language text. We ask our clients to bear this in mind, when they request a Premium Service translation.

As an example of text that we would flag as culturally inappropriate, an international hotel in Tbilisi has an artificial grotto and a pond with live fish, around which guests can relax in the summer heat. Also, upon request, a particular fish can be selected, caught and cooked for a guest's evening meal. From a Western perspective, this would be an absolute anathema to at least 50-80% of the population and would possibly put them off booking a room at the hotel. However, from a Georgian/Asian perspective, this would be a positive 'feature' of the hotel. In any case, it would be better to avoid mentioning this particular 'feature' of the hotel to potential customers with Western sensibilities.

These are the language pairs for which our Premium Service is available:

  • Georgian to English translation.
  • Georgian to Bulgarian translation.
  • Russian to English translation. (Although this language pair is more common, we are particularly strong in financial, technological and scientific terminology.)

'Proofreading Service' price guide: Prices

Certified Translation of Georgian for the UK

In England and Georgia, there is no such concept as a sworn translator, as there is in Germany, Italy and Belgium etc. In the UK and Georgia, a translator simply takes his/her qualifications and identification documents to a solicitor/notary, who will then produce a legal document to verify the identity and qualifications of the translator and associate them with the translated document. However, although the document will then be a certified translation according to the respective law, the process says nothing about the accuracy of the translation. Nevertheless, a translated document certified in this way will be accepted as a certified translation by a court with jurisdiction (obviously, a court in the UK will only accept an English certified translation and similarly a Georgian court will only accept a Georgian certified translation). A Georgian certified translation is a straightforward procedure for us, but unfortunately an English certified translation is both expensive and will take anything up to 3 weeks to complete.

In the case of visa applications within the UK (i.e. a Georgian applying for Schengen visa), documents must have an Apostille from the country of origin (Georgia) to the UK, but in this case an Embassy Stamp from the country of origin is required. For example, a Georgian national applying for a Schengen visa, within the UK, would need to take his/her documents (including a Georgian certified translation) to the Georgian Embassy in London, to get a certifying Embassy Stamp, so that they would be accepted as certified by, for example, the German, Italian or French Embassy in London (the UK is not part of the Schengen area). In these cases, a certified translation as per English law, as described in the first two paragraphs above, would likely not be acceptable in lieu of a legalised document with a Georgian certified translation and an Embassy Stamp from the Georgian Embassy in London.

For foreign nationals not familiar with the British legal system, a solicitor is the foreign equivalent of both a notary and a lawyer. In contrast to the role of a lawyer in other countries, a solicitor is obligated to present the truth to a UK Court, as well as to represent his/her client's best interests. In the UK, notaries exist, but their function is purely the legalisation of UK documents for foreign jurisdictions. Finally, within the UK, there is English law for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and Scots law for Scotland. There are differences between English law and Scots law. We are unable to deal with certified translations as might be required by Scots law.

Our staff are qualified to undertake the certified translation of documents both in England and in Georgia. Obviously, an additional solicitors fee will apply in the UK and a notary fee in Georgia, along with an attendance fee in both cases. Please contact us for details.

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